Rotary District 7450 Strategic Plan

(update: January 30, 2019)


Rotary District 7450 strives to make a difference in people’s lives in our Clubs, in our Communities, in our Country and around the World. Because our impact is vast, our District Leadership Team believes it important to design, refine and implement plans and actions to support our core “Service Above Self” vision, mission and beliefs.

During the latter half of 2018, our District’s Board of Directors, and other senior leadership members, began the journey of creating and implementing a new Strategic Plan. This Plan consists of our Vision, Mission and five key strategies accompanied by specific action plans with fellow Rotarians accountable/responsible for their successful completion (see attached Strategic Plan for details).  

If you desire to personally help with any of the Plan’s actions, please contact the person responsible for the action’s success as listed. We welcome and encourage your questions, thoughts and/or feedback about any of the Plan’s initiatives that will help us better fulfill our “Service Above Self” vision/mission.

  1. Within three years, District 7450 will build the infrastructure of programs, services, education and capabilities to support a sustainable community of local Rotary Clubs making a meaningful difference in addressing local and global needs as identified by Rotary International’s six areas of focus.
  2. We will be known for encouraging inclusive, diverse, and multi-generational Rotarians to make a difference in people’s lives through “Service Above Self” in our District’s communities.
  3. Develop a culture whereby our Clubs and Members truly believe they are our District’s “customers”.

Assure our Rotary members work TOGETHER to make the world a better place by taking “Service Above Self” ACTIONS in their communities.

  1. SHARED VISION: Assure Club & District leaders support our shared visions for our Clubs and District
  2. ORGANIZATION: Create an organizational structure to achieve our Vision.
  3. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Provide World Class training and education to our Rotary members and leadership.
  4. MEMBERSHIP GROWTH: Attract & retain Rotary service minded members of all ages who are passionate about our Mission.
  5. YOUTH PROGRAMMING: Grow and strengthen Rotaract, Interact, RYLA, and Youth Exchange programs.
Strategies Action Plans Responsibility
1. SHARED VISION: Assure Club & District leaders support our shared visions for our Clubs and District
  a) Create an organizational structure to achieve our Vision. Dwight Leeper
  b) Develop venues and activities that cover all super areas Julianna Blazey
  c) Encourage Club collaboration in both programming and Community Service projects. Paul Quintavalla
  d) Establish and reinforce strong branding for Rotary within our District’s geography. LOW PRIORITY
2. ORGANIZATION: Provide an organizational structure appropriate for the realization of our Vision
  a) Revamp By-Laws & Approve Joan Batory
  b) Create District Aspiring Rotary Leaders Task Force Matt Breidenstein
  c) Update Strategic Plan & Communicate to District Members Dave Haradon
  d) Create Organized Meeting Logistics Committee Kevin Katarynick
  e) Develop & implement DACdb database update Peter Mardinly
  f) Complete the Committee and Chair Personnel Plan for 2019 Peter Mardinly
  g) Fully Implement Rotary Club Central in the District Peter Mardinly
  h) Centralized District Records Database Brian Casey
  i) Expand IT Committee to provide multiple gatekeepers Peter Mardinly
3. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Provide World Class training and education to our Rotary members and leadership.
  a) Develop and launch Leadership Development Program Dave Haradon
  b) Revamp AG training curriculum including Community Needs Assessment Dwight Leeper
  c) Offer a predictable and consistent training and development calendar year-to-year. Peter Mardinly
  d) Develop webinar for Grant Certification by 2019 Paul Quintavalla
  e) Develop training on “How to Write Global & District Grants” Dawn deFuria
  f) Implement Service Project & Fundraisers Reference Resource Julianna Blazey
4. MEMBERSHIP GROWTH: Attract & retain Rotary members of all ages who are passionate about our Mission.
  a) White paper on Club options & Models Karen Mazzarella
  b) Develop a Strategic Membership Action Plan with our Legacy Clubs to support new Club Models Karen Mazzarella
  c) Launch LGBTQ Club within the District Paul Quintavalla
  d) Complete Membership Matters Seminars Dave Haradon
  e) Educate Members on Membership Materials Available at “My Rotary” Karen Mazzarella
  f) Design and Begin Implementaiton of Plan to achieve 2020 members by the year 2020 Dave Haradon
  g) Extension – Create NEW Clubs in key geographical areas within the District Karen Mazzarella
5. YOUTH PROGRAMMING: Grow and strengthen Rotaract, Interact, RYLA, and Youth Exchange programs.
  a) Launch a program to develop new community based Rotaract Clubs Ted Trevorrow
  b) Identify Interact Clubs in District and Club & School sponsors for each Sue Mardinly
  c) Design a program to promote Youth Exchange opportunities for Youth Francy Cross
  d) Creating Bridging efforts between our Youth Programs Francy Cross

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