Assistant Governor Responsilities


Job Description

Purpose: The Assistant Governor (AG), appointed by and working under the supervision of the District Governor, is a key player in helping the clubs achieve their goals and objectives.

The AG has both a proactive and reactive role. The AG assists the Governor with the administration of their assigned clubs. The AG is assisted by a team including, at the discretion of the District Governor, a Foundation Chair, Service Chair, Membership Chair, Public Image Coordinator and the resources of Rotary International.


  • Membership in good standing in a club within the district.
  • Service as a club president for a full term.
  • Willingness and ability to accept the responsibilities of assistant governor.
  • Demonstrated outstanding performance.
  • Potential for continued future leadership in the district.

Duties and Responsibilities: The duties of the AG include, but are not limited to, those duties as set forth in the District 7450 By-laws, Article 2 and the RI Manual of Procedure.


  • Meet with the District Governor at least quarterly to problem solve, share experiences, and ask questions.
  • Provide input to the District Governor in goal setting for the district.
  • Assist with the administration of assigned Rotary clubs in consultation with the corresponding District chairs.
  • Attend and introduce the District Governor on the official visit if possible.
  • You are the eyes and the ears of the District Governor, Communication Liaison.


  • Reach out to clubs that are not doing well in a particular area and provide or recommend relevant assistance.
  • Promote attendance at district training events and at the Rotary Leadership Institute
  • Encourage Area participation in all District activities.
  • Meet with and help the President-Elects as they review and implement the best practices recommended in “Be a Vibrant Club” and help complete their goals in Rotary Club Central before their year starts if possible.


  • Develop a close working relationship with the club leadership and build their trust and confidence in the District.
  • Visit each club quarterly to provide the club with information about RI and district resources. Try to attend one board meeting with the Rotary club.
  • Meet monthly with presidents either via conference call or in person – assist in problem solving when needed at the club level.
  • Encourage clubs in their projects and fundraisers.
  • Assist club leaders in scheduling and planning for the District governor official visit. Attend the meeting if possible.
  • Identify and promote the development of future district leaders.


  • Make a continuous assessment of the five areas of an effective Rotary club:
  • Membership growth and retention
  • Public image
  • Leadership Development
  • Support of the Rotary Foundation
  • Service Projects
  • Attend district meetings and training seminars, including Pre-PETS Orientation, Mid-Atlantic PETS, AG/District Training Assembly, Governor Installation, District Job Fair, District Foundation Seminar and District Conference.


Lead your District Assistant Governor’s Training Manual (244-EN) RI manual of Procedure (235-EN)

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