Board of Directors

YEP Committee Chair

– Overall program coordination with Committee members to meet the goals of the program.
– Interface with Rotary International YEP, District Governor, District Youth Programs Coordinator, and ESSEX.
– Maintain Databases on prior students, host parents, YEP Committee Members to maintain pool of volunteers to cover all activities.
– Prepare and manage the budget for the program, and coordinate with Gundaker and other funding sources to insure program has sufficient funds to meet the planned program.


Outbound Student Chair

– First point of contact for all Current and Future Outbounds to manage any Student, Parent or Host Club issues.

– Talk with prospective outbound students to explain program. Handle all application paperwork, from ESSEX registration through country assignment.
– Work with Events Coordinator to plan Announcement party in January.
– Collaborate with Training Coordinator to complete Outbound Training sessions.
– Work with CISI and Tzell to complete Insurance/VISA/travel details.
– Maintain up to date list of all Outbound students, Clubs, Parents and distribute to Committee.
– Document monthly reports for all students during Outbound period.


Inbound Student Chair

– First point of contact for all Current and Future Inbounds to manage any Student or Host Parent issues.

– Coordinate with Recruitment in prospecting for new students in the August – December timeframe
– Receive Inbound Applications from ESSEX.
– Work with Recruitment and Host Parent Coordinators to get students matched to a Club, Assigned to a Host Parent and a School. Get Guarantee Forms signed and returned to ESSEX.
– Collaborate with Training Coordinator on Parent, Counselor and Inbound Training to meet program timelines.
– Maintain up to date list of all Inbound students, Counselors and Host Parents and distribute to Committee.
– Interface with Interact and Youth Programs chair to find opportunities for Inbounds to participate in Interact Events – and vice versa. Insure all Inbounds attend RYLA (coordinate with Host Clubs to cover the cost). Contact next years Inbounds to OFFER THE POSSIBILITY to attend RYLA – coordinate with their Host Clubs to see if they will cover the cost.


Short Term Exchange Program Coordinator

– Work within the rest of the committee to recruit/register Short Term Students with ESSEX. Make sure students/parents get their Insurance and Background Checks completed in time.


Training Coordinator

– Coordinate with Inbound and Outbound Chairs to plan all training. Pull together people, place, materials for:

  • Parent and Counselor Training; 2 sessions July/Aug; 1 session in January. Others as required.
  • 1 Inbound Student Orientation Overnight in August
  • 2 Outbound Training Sessions in March/April


Head Counselor

– First point of contact for all Club Counselors to clarify program rules, Student, Club expectations, or School issues. Immediately escalate any urgent Student/Host Parent/discipline issues to the Inbound Student Chair.

– Reach out to connect with each Club Counselor as new Inbounds are assigned to insure they understand their role in the program.
– Stay in touch with all the Club Counselors for Inbounds throughout the year to give them support, make sure students are getting their stipend. Insure that 2nd and 3rd Host Families complete training and background Checks.
– Check YEAH Database regularly to insure that each Counselor logs their monthly contact.
– Insure that at the end of the year there is an orderly departure of the Inbounds.


Background Checks Coordinator

Work with Inbound Chair and Head Counselor to insure that all Counselors, Host Parents/family members, and appropriate participating program members complete the ESSEX Background Check, State of PA Criminal and Abuse Background Checks, and the FBI Background Check (where appropriate), and enter these into the YEAH Database


Events Coordinator

Work with the YEP Chair, and Inbound/Outbound Chairs, Training Coordinator to develop the YEP calendar for the year and distribute to the Committee.

– Work with committee members and other Rotarians and host families to schedule, announce and organize chaperones for all mandatory YEP trips and get togethers (i.e. New York/DC Trips, District Conference, Community Service, Christmas Party, Ski Trips, etc.).


Publications / Social Media

– Collect photos and a short stories from YEP Events (Training, New York Trip, District Conference, Gundaker, Christmas Party, Community Service Activities, etc) get into the District News Letter and local news.


ROTEX / Rebounds Coordinator

– Stay in contact with returning Outbounds, and ROTEX that come into District Rotaract Clubs to build a pool of talent that can be used to participate in Inbound/Outbound Training for Students and Parents.
– Host Rebound Picnic and welcome returning Outbounds to participate in the next stage of YEP and ‘pay-it-forward’.



– Take the recruiting materials/brochures/PowerPoint talks that we have, and work with Club YEPs, HS Counselors, Foreign Language Clubs in schools for new Outbound Student and Host Parent Recruitment.
– Serve as a speaker for Clubs weekly program and connect with clubs interested in learning more about Exchange.


Host Parent Coordinator

– Work with Inbound Chair and Head Counselor to get all Host Families through enrollment in YEAH, Background Checks (ESSEX and PA) and into Training, complete home visits.
– Monitor YEAH Database to insure all components Host Parent qualifications are entered, collect/log the PA Background Check info before students arrive.
– Perform the same function later in the year for Second/Third Host Parents.


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