A Message to our Applicants’ Parents and Guardians

The RYLA program has been in place for many years to help our young leaders develop their leadership skills.  On behalf of the 1500 Rotarians across throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area, we are pleased to support this program and your child’s / dependent’s growth and development.  We understand the importance of developing our future leaders and RYLA is a key to our strategy to developing our future leaders.

This program is sponsored by Rotary Clubs throughout the District and Students must be approved by their School Guidance Counselor and the local Rotary Club.

What Role do Parents and Guardians Play?

Our request to you is simple.

Please support your child’s/dependent’s desire to attend RYLA.  Put the dates on the Family Calendar and ensure they understand the importance of attending.  The details of what they will do to complete the application process are outline on the “STUDENTS” tab at the top of this screen.

Among the documents they will ask you to sign is the Cancellation Fee Acknowledgement.  This is not intended to scare. It is merely to recognize that this program has an associated cost in terms of hard dollars and hundreds of hours donated by Rotarian Volunteers.

Please help your RYLA applicant ensure the forms are filled out completely and mailed in a timely manner to the address provided.  Please make sure that the parent’s email field information is complete.  We want to ensure that parents are included in program communications.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and support in the application process.

Rotary District 7450
RYLA Organizing Committee


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