RYLA has 2 costs: $0 and $290.00

The cost to attending students and their families is $0.

The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) program is funded through sponsorships by local Rotary Club and made possible by hundreds of volunteer hours from Rotarians.  Each Rotary Club pays $290.00, raised in the normal course of fundraising, to fund each Student’s attendance.

Cancellation Policy 

Since we solicit and collect donations from the public at large, we are obligated to be responsible stewards of these donations. Our loss of these funds, caused by a student’s failure to attend, requires us to charge a cancellation fee.

Here is a small sampling of what your student’s $290 scholarship is worth to others we serve:

  • 433 children immunized against polio
  • 520 posters promoting immunization
  • 520 aprons to identify health workers, volunteers, and vaccinators
  • 2080 finger markers to identify children immunized
  • 182 vaccine carriers to keep vaccines cold

Please understand your student’s “no show”, or late arrival or early departure hurts many people, and of course, the students attending the program itself.  This is why we need your signed commitment in the form of our Cancellation Fee Acknowledgement.

Rotary Clubs:

Please send checks for $290 per student that you are sponsoring, payable to “Rotary District 7450” to:

c/o Brian Casey
505 Georgetown Road
Wallingford PA 19086-6921

Please include notation indicating the names of the students covered by the check you are mailing.


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